Kickapoo on Hari Raya TV!


ScreenBox was commissioned by Pokka Sapporo Food & Beverage Limited to produce a music video for Kickapoo entitled ‘Ada Kick’, which was conceptualized by Malay Media Experts (MME). The music video aims to restore its cool and refreshing childhood drink that used to be the favorite among Singaporeans.


The music video is initiated by 3 local talents – Reyza Hamizan, Sarah Aqilah and last but not least, Tukang Kata. Rifaah Ridzuwanulhakim along with Reyza Hamizan is the music writer/producer and arranger for the song, respectively.








MME has proposed to gather youths and bring them together through a common interest, Kickapoo drink. We believe that this concept will engage the Malay community in Singapore as; the song itself is upbeat and refreshing. The tagline, “Ada Kick!” makes it very easy for the song to be memorable.







MME conceptualized the entire process of the music video – from brainstorming the concept, scripting for radio commercial, organized and sourcing for talents, filming, directing, and completing its post-production and marketing execution. Prepared with a photoshoot as well, our three talents appeared on Berita Harian copy advertisement with an extended tagline, ‘Ada Hip Minumanmu, Ada Kick Kickapoo!’



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