Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura (MUIS): CahayaMu (Zakat) TVC 1

In conjunction of the month of Ramadhan, ScreenBox is proud to produce Television Commercial (TVC) for Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura (MUIS) to reach out to the Muslim community towards contributing to Zakat, fulfilling the 3rd pillars of Islam.

The TVC is part of 2015 Zakat campaign and an extension the TV series, CahayaMu, that airs from 15 June 2015 for five episodes. The campaign is conceptualised by our team in Malay Media Experts.

“Sebarkan Keihsanan. Tunaikan Zakat. Kukuhkan Masyarakat. Sinarkan CahayaMu”

YouTube link:

Creative Personnel

Executive Producer: Sujimy Mohamad
Director: Andika Fiqri
Asst Producer: Herdiana Salamat
Writer: ‘Arifah ‘Atiqah Rahmat
Editor: Atikah Daman
Crew & DOP: Studio on 3rd Avenue
Makeup/Image: Noor Zilah Ely Binte Abdullah
Theme Song – Music/Singer: Rifa’ah Ridzuwanulhakim
Theme Song – Lyrics: Ali Ismail
Concept: (an ethnic & creative agency unit of ScreenBox)

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