MyLustre: X-Ten and Lustre’s Women’s Plus

Malay Media Expert was commissioned to work with MyLustre Pte Ltd that focuses on Beauty, Health and Wellness featuring supplements for men, X-TEN and women, Lustre’s Women’s Plus.

Lustre Women’s Plus aims to reach out to women as young as 25 with its supplements that not only improves their skin condition or shape but also their general well-being. MME’s creatives include designing posters that contains tips for these women in the form of witty poems together with copywriting for their social media page.


Malay Media Experts does the same for X-TEN, a product that combats fatigue and to improve physical stamina for men. Creatives for X-TEN’s social media page includes waggish poems on reminding those who are married to spend time with their spouses and family and also take care of themselves at the same time.

An additional creative for X-TEN includes an online series that consists of 13 webisodes which offers solutions to Amin, a character of a newly married man who struggles to maintain loving, committed, understanding and healthy for his wife and future family. During execution, we ensure that discussion topics were handled tactfully especially concerns about sensitive gender issues and sexual-enhancing product to introduce to the Malay/Muslim community. The series could be watched on their channel, MyLustreTV, played by Izzat Md Yusoff, Mamat Bora and Farhana M Noor, well-known and award-winning local Malay artists.

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