POKKA: Ramadan ‘RECONCILIATION’ Initiative Hit Over Half a Million Views on Facebook

In welcoming the month of Syawal last month, Malay Media Experts is proud to share our most recent project in collaboration with POKKA International Pte Ltd. There are a total of three videos and to date, we have launch two of them with a theme, RECONCILIATION. This theme is to promote healthy and loving relationship among family members prior to Hari Raya. The third videos will be out in Eidul-Adha.

First Video

 Second Video

To mark a more meaningful Hari Raya celebration, POKKA has initiated a docu-reality project in which they have engaged Malay Media Experts in its execution and production of the videos they intend to share through social media platforms.  The aim of this project is to convey the importance of reconciling with your loved ones and the importance of making a change in the month of Ramadan. We have released two webisodes of different case studies with different stories, which have touched thousands of hearts of Singaporeans and even Malaysians.

We have successfully garnered over 170K views and 4500 shares for the first video while the second video received overwhelming response of over half a million views and 18K shares online. This was an initiative to seek forgiveness and enhance family relationships together.

Malay Media Experts was responsible in conceptualizing the angle of the video, scriptwriting, scheduling of crews and locations, post-production and graphic designs during the whole process of this project. Apart from production works, Malay Media Experts also offers Public Relation services for POKKA in order to reach out better to the Malay medias such as Berita Harian, Mediacorp radio and Straits Times, after garnering over 1.3 million reached in total.

It has been a pleasure working hand in hand with POKKA for projects that reaches out to the Malay community. We are currently in the midst of producing the third video for a new heartwarming story.

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